The iQ Handi Vac for Cleaning.

Reasons to chose the iQ Handi Vac®

Lighter and Faster

Hand held vacuum cleaners are a great contrasting option to the bigger and heavier upright or chamber vacuum cleaners. Being little and lightweight, smaller vacuum cleaners are anything but difficult to deal with. They can be used with next to zero exertion and are more qualified for cleaning territories like an auto’s insides or stairs and mats, where an upright would observe to be much excessively clumsy.

That is to say, it simply doesn’t make sense to drag out a full-sized vacuum cleaner each time when there’s a less demanding, yet powerful choice available. At the point when little spills should be vacuumed up rapidly, it’s a considerable  less demanding option to bring out this powerful vacuum.

A great many people need smaller vacuums to rapidly and effectively tidy up little chaotic heaps around the house. On the off chance that a youngster spills snacks or makes a mess this vacuum cleaner will be very helpful.

Storage. It’s super easy to keep the iQ Handy Vac nearby instead of trying to find a space for a large bulky cleaner. Due to it’s compact size it can fit into any small closet discreetly out of the way until the next mess happens. Just whip it out, do your quick clean, then pop it back into the corner until the next time.

if you made it this far and are interested in getting this handy small but powerful vacuum, we also want to start you off with a coupon code to make the decision process a little easier. For a limited time if you enter code ‘redfern’ at the discount portion of your shopping cart you will get a sale price of 15% off your entire order. Once you get your iQ Vacuum remember to come back and let us know what you think.